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Does The Brand Of Your Scrap Car Affect Its Value In Sydney?

Brand Of Your Scrap Car Affect Its Value In Sydney
Posted On Apr 26 2022

Are you planning to sell your old car? Are you wondering where to sell your car for good cash? Does the brand of your car matter for car buyers in Sydney? There are multiple such questions that hit your mind when you plan to sell your old scrap cars. In regard to your quest of whether brand matters while selling an old car, the straightforward answer is ‘yes’ to some extent. Though a car wrecker company purchases all types of cars of any brand in any condition, they will surely ask you about your car brand. You may find it weird as you may think that the car parts are being sold for scrap metal, and there doesn’t arise a question for the brand. But in reality, whether you plan to sell your new car or your old car, the brand name stands to be a decider in calculating the value.

If you plan to sell a luxury car that has accrued several damages, you can expect a greater value to be offered in comparison to a person who is selling a regular car with lesser damages. It is because branded cars also have parts that other standard cars don’t have and thus can earn a higher resale value for the scrap vehicle.

Why does brand matter when selling your cars for scrap?

As a general rule, you can say that if you have an expensive car that has turned old, you can derive a higher value for your old car compared to an economical car. However, the same is not the case at all times. There are various other things that play a key role in determining the cost of a scrap car. Here we mention a few of them:

Weight of the car

The car’s weight plays a deciding role in determining the price of a scrap car. The heavier the car, the more will be the scrap parts in it. And thus, more will be the chances for it to be sold at huge cash for car Sydney. For example, heavy cars such as Land Rover and Ford search higher prices while being sold as scrap cars compared to other luxurious cars owing to their weight.


Apart from the weight factor mentioned above, there are situations wherein an economical car and a branded has the same scrap value. Such a situation arises when only the metallic body of the car is worth the sale. This makes the metal frame of both the cars equivalent talking in terms of monetary value. In such a case, only the car’s body is stripped down for recycling as the parts of the car are no more functional nor hold any value.

How is the scrap value of a car calculated?

For the calculation of scrap value, the weight of the car is required as it stands to be one of the primary reasons that decide the metal weight. The more the metal, the more is the value of your scrap cars.

Should You consider selling parts of your old car on your own?

If you are looking for cash for car in Sydney and own an old car with functional auto parts, you may find it pretty tempting to sell the parts for cash. And, you can easily find a buyer who takes an interest in buying the same in exchange for a reasonable deal. However, until and unless you do not have the expertise, you should never try removing the parts on your own for selling purposes. It is advised because removing the car parts on your own can lower the scrap value of your car. Also, when you sell your car as a whole entity, you hit a better deal in comparison to a situation wherein you remove a few functional parts of your old scrap car. In fact, the removal of car parts tends to depreciate the selling value, and thus it is always a better idea to reach out to scrap car buyers in Sydney for the selling purpose rather than trying out DIY.