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How To Inspect A Used Car Before Purchase?

How To Inspect A Used Car Before Purchase?
Posted On Apr 07 2021

If you have landed here, we are guessing you are in for some research. Not every person can stretch their budget and drive a car out of a showroom. Moreover, a vehicle loses some of its value as soon as it hit the roads. It is better to buy a good used car if you’re on a budget. You can get a properly functioning car if you do your research well. To make this daunting process of buying a used car easy for you, Master Cash For Cars has created a checklist for you and must not miss out on it.


Before you decide how and from where to buy a good second-hand car, you must be clear about your requirements. Keep in mind that a car is a huge investment and it should meet all your needs. Once you know which model and brand to buy, you will be able to gather more information about its nuances. Each car and its model have its own features and flaws. Decide the car you want to buy and forage the internet for every first and last bit of information. Make sure to enquire about its current market price so that you have a rough idea of your budget.

Here are a few things you must check when you pay a visit to your potential car:


A car might look great when you see it first. However, small signs of damage should not escape your vision. Check the body of the car for any scratches and dents. If you find any mismatched patches of paint on a car, there are chances that it has been in an accident and a panel has been replaced. Close and open all the doors. If you find it difficult to do so, it is usually because the car has suffered some damage. Look for bubbling on the body of the car. Bubbling indicates the presence of rust. You must also look for rust underneath the vehicle and around the wheel wells.


Firstly, enquire about the tires and how often they have been rotated and maintained. Do not forget to check the tread with a penny test. If it is worn down way too much, you must ask the owner to replace the tire. Also, be careful about uneven wear on the tread. Uneven wear tells about a problem in the alignment. If you notice that the tires are of different brands, you must ask the owner the reason behind the arrangement.

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Do not forget to check the lights before you take the car for a test drive. Get inside the vehicle and check if all the lights are working well. Switch on the fog lights (if available), headlights, high beams, blinkers, and running lights. The light housings can tell you a lot about the degree of damage a car has suffered. Look for cracks, foggy lenses, and water. If you find water in the light housings, there are good chances of the car being flood-damaged. You should definitely avoid buying a car damaged by flood as the electrical parts can give you considerable trouble in the long run.


Do not miss out on signs of damages on the seat. If you see major wear down, stained, or torn seats check for the roof leaks and window seal. You might also want to check if the seat controls are working well whether they are manual or electric. Adjust your seat to a suitable position to make sure the drive will be comfortable for you. Do not forget to test all the seat belts in the car. Safety should be your utmost priority.


Whether the car has a convertible top or a sunroof, check for any leaks and damages. If you are buying an old vehicle, the headliner should not sag or come out of the ceiling. When you check for damages under the hood, look at all the belts and hoses. Also check the radiator for any cracks or stains. If you see any fluid dripping, it can be a sign of a blown gasket. Do not forget to check all the fluids in the car. Look at the engine oil, power steering, brake, and transmission. The oil levels should not be low and the colour of the oil should be a warm brown. If the colour is dark brown, it should be changed by the owner.


Make sure to take the car on different terrains to ensure the quality of its performance. Check whether the transmission is shifting smoothly. Do not ignore the unusual noises and vibrations of the car. Also look at the dashboard and see if all the warning lights are working and if any of the lights are on while you are driving the car, convey your concern to the owner.

We hope that you will tick off every point from this checklist before you buy a used car for yourself. If you are planning to sell a used car, car wreckers can be a great option. You do not have to get repairs done to find a good car buyer. Sell your used car on the same day and get a free car removal service. Call your nearest car wreckers and get an online cash quote today!