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Australia’s Top-Earning Speed Cameras

Australia's Top-Earning Speed Cameras
Posted On Jun 06 2019

Speed camera at the roadside is perfect for spotting the speeding vehicles. These cameras store the record of cars running at high speed exceeding the limit.  Well, the higher authority believes that the speed camera is a great tool to point out hiding culprit. Therefore, these cameras are placed in a hidden space as per the government recommendation.

sydney road security camera

The cameras are incredible. It is effectually serving a great purpose. This advantageous camera is perfect for usage. It helps in counter-check for the speeding vehicles on the road. Besides, this camera with high usage has been a useful source of collecting the large speeding fine.

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Current analysis shows that the state has been prosperous in raking $23million as speeding fines. Therefore, the camera is considered to be a great source of earning.

It helps to fetch high figure in monetary terms. A comparison of these figures concluded than double bay in the east, Auburn, Ultimo, Sydney CBD, Silverwater in western Sydney are amongst the top five suburbs for speed-camera fines.

Top 10 Money Raking Camera In NSW

  1. M5 Motorway, Westbound, Arncliffe
  2. Lane Cove Tunnel, Eastbound
  3. Woodville Road, Southbound, Chester Hill
  4. William Street, Westbound, Darlinghurst.
  5. Eastern Distributor, Northbound, Darlinghurst
  6. Lane Cove Tunnel, Westbound, Lane Cove
  7. Cleveland Street, Eastbound, Moore Park
  8. Cross City Tunnel, Westbound, East Sydney
  9. Botany Road, Southbound, Rosebery,
  10. Hinterland Way, Northbound, Ewingsdale

Well finding fixed and mobile speed cameras at the road of Australia is not a big deal. Here you will find the free ones almost everywhere. These appear like a robotic tripod, which is seen increasing. Besides, it is not easy to figure out the location of these cameras as it is hidden.

However, the position of the mobile camera is generally published online almost every week at the online site. The location is not fixed and tends to change after every particular period. The change is location ensures the subtle imposition of fines on specific individuals who try hard to hide from the cameras.

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The revenue raising with these cameras is high. Installation of the same at the roadways has been of great benefit to the government. Besides, the same ensures safety and enforces the individuals to follow traffic rules. These cameras ensure a smooth run of vehicles, even the worst road to drive. It has the potential to avoid road accidents to much extent.

The Australian earning with the cameras has shown a rapid uprise. It is subject to a significant change over regular intervals. Therefore, determining appropriate earning is quite tricky.

On average, the earning rate is very high. These earnings are sufficient for the development of the country.


The speeding fines from Queensland are a significant portion of the total monetary collection. The cameras installed here are great in number. Besides, the planned installation done here has the potential of catching 100 people in a day. Well, the top 10 earners in Queensland are as mention below:

Here Are The Top 10 Earners In Queensland:

local roads security cameras


  1. Nathan Street, Aitkenvale
  2. Legacy way Tunnel, Brisbane
  3. Pacific Motorway, Gaven
  4. Bruce Highway, Burpengary
  5. Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach
  6. Pacific Motorway, Loganholme
  7. Airport Link Tunnel, Brisbane
  8. Main Street, Kangaroo Point
  9. Clem7 Tunnel, Brisbane
  10. Gold Coast Highway, Southport

The list of the top-earning camera in every state is published. This list determines the actual earning of every country. However, the earnings of each state differ on the location and road rules. The distinct location of a place has a more significant contribution to increasing the income rate.

Besides, being an earning source, the cameras are excellent to add perfection to the road. The camera works well. Moreover, it lessens up individual effort in figuring out the victim breaking the law.

The camera is convenient for usage. It is reliable, and its efficient functionality makes it a perfect choice for installation on the roadside.

The capacity of the same is evident. Besides, the high return ached in its performance makes it a perfect one for road installation. The unique abilities of the camera are genuinely appreciable and worth investing.